Study Abroad

Uni Students

We are 100% advocates of Gap Year.

The last years of high school are stressful enough studying to get the right scores for your top choice of university, dealing with the opposite gender, changes in your body, parents and life in general. Students at high school are focused on regurgitating information and fitting into school society and often don’t get the opportunity to discover who they are.

Gap Year allows students to travel, work or study a subject that is not related to their university course and get to know what they might like to achieve with their life.

The best way to get to know YOU is to immerse yourself into situations that enable you to grow as a person and leave you feeling empowered. Remember, future bosses will ask what did you achieve during your Gap Year….it could be the difference between getting that job and not!

For many people, this is best done through studying a language in a foreign country, volunteering or working abroad or going on an adventure that is either physically or emotionally demanding.

High School Students

Many schools these days allow students to travel abroad for 4 weeks to 1 year during their high school senior years.

The aim of the study abroad program is to strengthen your language skills, learn another culture and grow as in individual from this once in a lifetime opportunity. There are many schools within Australia that are happy to accept students on these programs. Not all have agreements in place to provide credits but we can assist with this process.

Go on, take a leap of faith, you will never look back.!

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